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Istanbul im Mai

comrade behind bars


Worum es ursprünglich ging, ist schnell in drei Videos zusammengefasst:
die Demokratie, die Bubis und der Schwarze Block™


apergia-2In the afternoon of January 24, the Greek government via the ministry of transport ordered the civil conscription (i.e. the forced return to work) of the workers at the Athens Metro, who had been on strike for the past eight days. In response, the workers in all other mass transportation mediums in the city (buses, metro green line and tram) have also joined or extended their strikes.

Today at approximately 03.40 am, riot police (MAT) and police’s special anti-terrorist task force (EKAM) stormed the central metro depot in Sepolia, W. Athens, in their attempt to break the transport strike. At least 100 workers were inside the depot at the time of the operation and at least three were detained.

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die ästhetik des widerstands

Remembering 1973 from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.

Exploring Revolt in Greece from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.

there is power in the union


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