post-this, post-that, post-the other

Antifaschistische Aktion Berlin – Anti-fascist Action Berlin. Very much a part of the “left-wing scene” where style wins over substance every time. The fashion student’s favourite revolutionary organisation, post-this, post-that, post-the other, the AAB is best known for organising apolitical demonstrations with sound-systems to block out political content, such as the “Revolutionary 1st May” in Berlin, which is little more than an excuse for a riot. The AAB sell a wide range of merchandise, including hooded tops, masks, and “riot” or “antifa” t-shirts, available in “boy” or “girlie” cuts. The AAB (mis)uses the logo of the original Anti-Fascist Action set up by the German Communist Party in the early 1930s. This time however, class plays no role in the AAB.

via Alliance for Workers’ Liberty


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